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 1170: Bremond, c.1875


Very Rare Antique Music Box with Bells and Clock by Bremond, c. 1875


This is a very special music box: an antique music box with an 9 engraved bells and an 8 day striking clock, housed in an extremely unusual and attractive case. It was made by BA Bremond of Geneva, Switzerland in c. 1875, serial number 38778, and makes for a brilliant spectacle.

The musical movement features 9 engraved bells struck by bird strikers and plays 8 mainly operatic airs with an excellent, rich sound. The musical movement is also connected to the 8 day striking French clock in the front of the case so that the music can play on the hour (there is a 60 second delay after the striking of the clock before the music begins to play). This function can be engaged and disengaged at will.

The music can also be played at any time, and the bells can be engaged and disengaged at will. The selection of tunes are listed on the original tunesheet on the inside of the lid.

The case is extremely unusual, with an elegant and voluminous scrolling shape I have never seen before. It is beautifully inlaid to the lid and also around the clock to the front using a variety of different woods.

This music box is extremely rare and a magnificent spectacle piece in excellent condition, and with a wonderful sound. A real rarity, and a special item.

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32” / 81cm
12” / 30 cm
14 ½” / 37cm

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