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 1117: Paillard, c. 1880


Antique Orchestral Music Box by Paillard, c. 1880


An excellent-sounding antique music box with drum, bell and castanet section made by Paillard of St Croix in c. 1880.

The fully overhauled movement features a drum and castanet (both with 8 beaters each), and 6 engraved bells stuck by bird strikers. All elements can be engaged and disengaged at will. The sound of this box is particularly good: each orchestral element is tightly coordinated with the music, giving the box a crisp & lively sound. It plays 10 airs as listed on the replacement tunesheet – a mixture of operatic music (William Tell, Faust) and popular songs of the era.

The case ins inlaid rosewood with a floral inlay to the lid and gilt carrying handles. There is a bit of a bow to the lid, but understandable given this box is nearly 140 years old. The sound and the spectacle are first-class, and make it a very desirable item.

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24” / 61 cm
10 ¼” / 26cm
12 ½” / 32cm

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Antique Orchestral Music Box by Paillard, c. 1880

Antique Orchestral Music Box : musical movement

Antique Orchestral Music Box : tunesheet

Antique Orchestral Music Box : rosewood case

Antique Orchestral Music Box : inlay to lid

Antique Orchestral Music Box : carrying handles


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