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 1005: Mermod Freres, c. 1890


Superb Antique Station Box by Mermod Freres, c. 1890


A large, rare and impressive coin-operated Station Box with automata picture by Mermod Freres, c. 1890. This fantastic showpiece box has a sublime harmony movement with double spring motor, tune indicator, tune selector, speed regulator, zither bar, and five charming dancing dolls (replaced).

At the rear of the movement is an entertaining automata picture with seven moving elements - a water wheel, knife grinder, blacksmith's forge, people crossing a bridge, a chimney sweep, a clocktower bell and a windmill, along with a working clock. Effectively, the whole village comes to life when this box gets going, accompanied by the girls dancing in the foreground.

All this is contained within an elaborate walnut case, sitting on top of a custom-made walnut table. Table size: 48" / 122cm w x 34" / 86cm high x 24" / 61cm deep. Station box sizes given below:


46” / 117cm
50” / 127cm
22” / 56cm

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Mermod Freres antique cylinder station box

Mermod Freres antique cylinder station box - top section

Mermod Freres antique cylinder station box - cylinder movement and dancing dolls

Mermod Freres antique cylinder station box - automaton



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